activities & projects

During the summer week in the Pribava sportsground we organize games, creative workshops and parties involving children and young people.

We support about twenty sick or elderly people who need medicines or medical equipments. We personally deliver the medicines and enquire about their needs. People in need are chosen by the community.
In particular, we have been helping a young man affected by diabetes. His medical conditions have progressively worsened and now he needs a kidney and pancreas transplantation. This type of operation is not carried out in Bosnia, but in France they can do it and the cost is 80.000 Euros. In November 2012 people in Pribava started a campaign to raise the money: Spalle Larghe has decided to support them. The sum was collected and the patient is gone to Toulouse, where the surgery was performed.

We collaborate with the Pribava council. In the past we provided the money for the lighting of the Pribava football ground and for the renovation of the changing rooms.
We funded 90% of the renovation of the former library, now called Dom Kulture, the only public building in Pribava, which was opened on 23rd November 2008. The goal was to provide a meeting venue for the whole community.
In September 2012 they inaugurated the local primary school: Spalle Larghe financed the purchase of staff room furniture.

PAF (Pribava Art Fest) is an event we created for Pribava's young artists. After the first Festival which took place in August 2012, we have invited young people from the surrounding villages to take part in it, and the program has been enriched with a concert and a folk dance show.
The public involvement and the interest shown by young people and adults in the early editions has urged us to follow up on this experience and improve it.

We coordinate activities between Italy and Bosnia with other volunteers of the Padua province, for example with school exchanges involving primary and secondary schools. Every year, during our week there in August, we organize the “games without frontiers”, which involve children and young people of the municipalities of Grańćanica and Petrovo.
Since 2010 there have also been “Summer Camps”, which are devoted to youngsters aged 15-25.

Future plans

We naturally intend to continue and strengthen our activities on site.

We will carry on our activities in support of people with health problems, especially diabetics who need sticks to measure blood sugar. The problem of diabetes, which has become a real social issue, should in our opinion be seriously tackled and - in collaboration with the principal and teachers of the Pribava primary school - we are going to develop a dietary program aimed at small children.