who we are

“Spalle Larghe” is an association of Padua founded in 2004. The founders have volunteered since 2001 in Pribava, a small town in the municipality of Gračanica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The association is a member of the “Comitato di sostegno alle forze ed iniziative di pace” of the province of Padua, a group of associations who work in several small towns in the municipality of Gračanica (Muslim - Croatian Federation) and in the municipality of Petrovo (Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Our goal is to connect the members of both communities involved in the 1990s conflict, and to have them cooperating through activities particularly aimed at children and teenagers.
Over the years, our commitment has gradually grown and become more focused. We have worked at a number of projects and initiatives, gradually building a very close partnership and friendship with the local population.
Typically, we travel to Bosnia four or five times a year at week-ends. We give assistance to the elderly and sick and we plan, with the support of our Bosnians friends, on-site activities. In the month of August we stay for a week for our annual summer camp, a time when we carry out our most important activities.
All our projects are self-financed. We collect the necessary funds through pay-admittance dinners, banquets, concerts and sales of food products.
In Italy, we organize initiatives to raise awareness about the problems of the countries of former Yugoslaviaespecially Bosnia. In December 2010, together with the other groups and associations of the province of Padua we organized a memorial event for Alexander Langer, the inspirational founder of the "Comitato di sostegno alle forze ed iniziative di pace" and one of Italy's leaders of the pacifist movement.
Our association is open to anyone wishing to experience volunteering.